The Street Fighter Fan Art Illustrations Remind Us of the Classic Arcade

 - Sep 27, 2013
References: inspirationsweb & designtaxi
It's been 26 years since it made its debut, but the characters in Phuwadon's Thongnoum's Street Fighter fan art illustrations remain poignant as ever.

A huge fan of the arcade game, Thongnoum's illustrations are a geometric makeover of the original tough, brawling characters that paved the way for the proliferation of further arcade fighting games. While the classic characters Ryu and Ken don't make an appearance, Thongnoum draws a caricature version of the elongating Dhalsim, the burly green beast Blanka, the sumo wrestler E. Honda, the military woman Cammy, Tiger Mask and the kick boxer Adon. Each character is drawn with bulging muscles but with simple, 2D curves, with special detail given to the character's trademark traits. While the original game is harder to find now today in regular arcades, these Street Fighter fan art illustrations are a testament to the lasting impressions left by these timeless characters.