Street Artist PEZ is Behind These Vibrantly Colored Fish Murals

These wildly colored fish murals come from street artist 'Pez' (which actually means fish in Spanish). Each of these funky fish murals is brightly colored and contains details that could be described as both cartoonish and surreal.

Artist Pez comes from Barcelona, which is where he began his work with street art. Since his signature means fish, he gradually began to focus his works on these funky scaled swimmers.

These fantastic fish-infused murals give these brightly colored mammals big smiles, pearly white teeth and comically huge eyes. Many of his murals blend these cartoon style fish in with crazy colorful patterns in the background.

These extremely lively street art installations command the attention of viewers or passersby. They are high energy paintings that focus on funky colored fish. Pez is clearly an imaginative street artist who's works brighten up dull buildings.