The Still-Recognizable Streamliner Yello Taxi Sheds All Except Three Features

 - Dec 11, 2012
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All that remains might be two sets of wheels, a simple black checkered pattern and the vague aerodynamic shape of a vehicle yet the Streamliner Yello Taxi is still familiar as an iconic New York City cab. Its finicky details have been shed to produce a marvelously minimal plaything that's fit to entertain children and delight adults.

It may not look it at first but this charming toy is in fact made from a smoothly sanded block of wood. A non-toxic paint that's extremely high-gloss has been applied in that characteristic canary yellow to create a bright and shiny trinket. The checked stripe acts as a basic decorative band between the toy tires of the Streamliner Yello Taxi, comprising the features that establish the inspiration and the identity of the Playsam piece.