The ‘Strangebirdy' Paloma Poster is an Infant Growth Inf

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: etsy & mymodernmet
For those parents who find themselves ever-so-slightly obsessing about their newborns every movement, the StrangeBirdy Paloma Poster is the perfect solution. This adorable infographic allows parents to purchase a customizable chart that helps they date and note every new development their baby makes.

Baby’s favourite things, tear triggers and number of words spoken are just a few of the things the StrangeBirdy Paloma Poster charts. This chart would make for a great gift for new parents and act as the perfect keepsake once their child is all grown up!

Implications - Creating new products to satiate age-old needs is a great way to monetize an existing consumer demographic. As this poster targets towards a niche new generation parents, other industries can learn that sometimes appealing strongly to one specific group of people can be more fruitful than appealing to the masses.