Fans are Given the Chance to Become Part of a Stormtrooper Army

Disney is offering fans of Star Wars to become a part of the stormtrooper army as part of their ‘D-Tech Me’ experience. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is currently offering fans of the popular sci-fi series to create miniature ‘Stormtrooper’ replicas of themselves with the use of 3D technology as part of their Star Wars Weekends.

Fans who’d want to become a Stormtrooper for the dark side, will have to sit through a 10 minute facial 3D scan. The final product will feature the fan’s face on a generic Stormtrooper body—just like in the real Imperial army. The company also offers an a ‘Carbon-Freeze Me’ rendering for those who want to a more ‘Han Solo’ experience. The construction of these 3D-rendered displays takes up to seven to eight weeks to make. Each customized Stormtrooper figure cost $99.95.