Review the Most Influential Retail Displays

 - Mar 9, 2012
References: trendreports
Retail customers often get a sense of a store’s goods based on the first look. In just under one minute, customers ascertain a general vibe, whether intentional or not. Old furniture displays may exude a vintage appeal, while brightly colored pieces tend to give off a youthful feel. First impressions are critical to a merchandiser’s success, and the Storefront Trend Report has boiled down this reality into 409 concise PRO Trends and over 3,000 samples of showcase-oriented endeavors.

Ornate mannequins and gaudy light fixtures have all been used to attract customer attention, providing for some extensive window arrangements. These arrangements often assume new themes with the passing of holidays and timely seasonal motifs, typically playing up on the contemporary hype. The collection of these leading ideas in the Storefront Trend Report will inspire interior designers and boutique owners to jump start new creative projects.