The 'Stopped Up' Bottle Cork Adds Humor to Any Casual Drinking Occasion

 - Jan 21, 2014
References: neatoshop
Bottle Plugs are great ways to keep alcoholic drinks such as wine fresh for as long as possible, and these 'Stopped Up' bottle corks offers wine connoisseurs a playful way to add some bathroom humor to the mix.

With modern pop culture references continuing to seep their way into all sorts of products and decor, there's no surprise as to why such ordinary items such as bottle stoppers are being featured in a wide array of comical designs and shapes. Made to resemble a simple bath plug used to stop water from passing in sinks and tubs, this 'Stopped Up' bottle cork is a great way for drinkers to add some playfully unique touches to any party or social gathering.

Sure to make guests chuckle at the mere sight of it, this bath plug bottle stopper will surely start off any evening on a humorous note.