Stone by Jurgen Heckel Shows Just How Unique the World Is

 - Aug 24, 2011
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Until you browse through the photo series titled Stone by Jurgen Heckel, you probably would not have realized just how much character the world has. In fact, even with this gallery focused only on rocks and gravel found on the earth's surface, it can still boggle the mind when a person thinks about just how much our planet has to offer. It is not to say you are ignorant to what the world has to offer, this series simply brings into focus quite drastically how even single stones are completely unique from one another.

Paired with the Munich, Germany-based photographer's recent Gras photo series, it really inspires a person to look at his or her surroundings and appreciate it as something someone will never lay their eyes on. The series Stone by Jurgen Heckel is quite impressive when thought of this way.