The Stocking Patch Conceals Rips and Tears to Prevent Them From Expanding

 - Dec 14, 2013
The rough edge of your desk and even one of your accessories can potentially ruin a put-together outfit. The Stocking Patch has been proposed as a way to make rips in your tights unnoticeable so that you won't be caught with any aesthetic imperfections. The product has been designed not only to conceal the open snag in your nylons; it also prevents tears from turning into obvious runs.

Lee Chang Jun, Park Chi Yeon, Nam Da Som, Park So Yeong and Ryu Soo Min collaborated on this handy project. They have essentially created a bandage fit for your clothing that's even made from the same material as most tights. The Stocking Patch is stretchy and highly adhesive and would be manufactured in a spectrum of common shades, keeping you looking flawless in any getup.