The Lars Brandt Stisen 'Superhuman' Series is Fierce and Funny

 - Jun 22, 2012
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Often people say that dogs look like their owners and this is precisely the reaction that the quirky Lars Brandt Stisen 'Superhuman' series is going for.

In each photograph, model Sarah Youssef has been styled by makeup artist Rikke Malling Madsen to resemble E'Hiram Elite House the doberman -- that's his real name. Stisen then trained his lens on the lady and the dog to capture fierce but funny photographs.

As Mr. Elite House yawns or barks, revealing his fangs, Youssef brushes her teeth frantically and seemingly with much effort. In many shots, Elite House is shown precariously holding Youssef's toothpaste in his not so delicate jaws. Interestingly though, it is Yousseff who has toothpaste all over her face rather than the doberman.