Steve Irwin's ‘Sea Shepherd' Strikes Against Whaling

 - Feb 16, 2010
References: & ecorazzi
Late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin has had ‘Sea Shepherd’ ship named after him. The ‘Steve Irwin’ vessel crusades the ocean against Japanese whaling ships, attacking them with inspiration from its namesake. The ‘Steve Irwin’ will launch false crocodile eggs at its enemies.

Recently, the ‘Steven Irwin’ threw these eggy weapons onto the deck of the Japanese whaling fleet, the Nisshin Maru. The neat thing about these eggs is that not only do these projectiles look like croc eggs but they have messages inscribed on the outer shell. Furthermore, when the eggs touch water, miniature crocodiles emerge from the shells. Many of these egg projectiles have been signed with messages from members of Steve Irwin’s family as well.