The 'Staying Healthy on Campus' Statistics Reveal Grim Academic Issues

 - Apr 30, 2012
References: bestcollegesonline
The 'Staying Healthy on Campus' infographic by Best Colleges Online delves into some of the more pressing American wellness issues. The review is specifically tailored to suit the lives of students living on U.S. campuses, a demographic that remains particularly susceptible to certain illnesses and barriers to proper medical care.

Some of the statistics displayed here are disconcerting. Approximately 20% of American students are uninsured, resulting in an incurred expenditure of $120-125 million on uncompensated non-injury induced treatment. Non-white students and those from lower income families were also more likely to be uninsured, further exacerbating the problem.

This chart also provides an excellent overview of the most common student ailments, inclusive of urinary tract infections and cold and flu viruses. While many of these are not fatal, they do require a certain amount of care and awareness on behalf of students. This awareness is in large part dependent upon the work academic institutions, making informative faculty-led lifestyle campaigns essential.