This App Generates the Perfect Startup Name for Budding Brands

Namewhale is an app that will automatically generate a perfect startup name for any company.

Ambitious -- but creatively exhausted -- entrepreneurs can input the keywords for their budding company's brand identity, and receive a list that contains tens of thousands of amalgamations of the chosen words. Then, all users have to do is pick their favorite one, whether they're going for something elegant and simple, cutesy and fun, or serious and business-like. The app runs on an "intelligent, seed-based algorithm" and was designed to overcome the challenge of coming up with a startup name that isn't unoriginal, boring or too twee.

Startup companies are forming a new model that's changing the landscape of business and investment. Now, in an Inception-like twist, startups like Namewhale are being created to aid in the business of creating a startup.