These Unusual Gifts Will Show Friends or Family a Piece of the Night Sky

 - Jun 20, 2016
References: gizmodo & geekologie
These stargazing envelopes would make an excellent gift for astronomy lovers.

The 'Hoshi-zora star filled envelope' is exactly how it sounds -- it is an envelop that features star constellations that can be opened and viewed. It comes in five different types and each constellation is astronomically correct. The creators accounted for the fact that people may mistake these envelopes for trash, so they include a note along with instructions on what the envelope is and how to use it. The unusual stargazing gift was created to address the fact that light pollution in cities prevents people from looking at the sky and seeing the stars that would normally be visible.

The unlikely stargazing gift is certainly creative and would be a thoughtful one to give to city dwellers.