Starbucks Planet Green Game

 - Aug 29, 2007
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It's like an eco-friendly Sims game! Starbucks has long been known to promote environmental awareness, and now they've launched a fun new interactive game. In collaborating with Global Green USA, they launched Planet Green on their website.

"Your mission? To explore the town of Evergreen looking for ways to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the impact of global warming. Along the way, you'll visit key destinations, each of which presents its own specific challenge. Completing each challenge earns you points that help boost your score."

Screw boosting my score, what about some StarBUCKS towards my ever-depleting latte fund?

Select your avatar's appearance, choose your mode of transportation (zero-emission walking/biking, low-emission hybrid, or high-polluting SUV) and head out on your mission, unlocking global solutions on the way. Don't forget to turn on your speakers either -- the game is complete with stellar tunes to get you in the greenest of grooves.

The coffee chain has made efforts to reduce wastes over the years; they encourage patrons to use ceramic mugs when sipping their java in-store, they reduce the price of their brew if you bring in your own travel mug, and they don't double-cup their beverages, using recycled cardboard sleeves instead.

And while we're on the topic of Starbucks, it would be a good time to mention that they've re-introduced all the fall favourites -- think Pumpkin Spice lattes, chocolate cinnamon cakes and, of course, the classic pumpkin loaf.