The Star Trek Anniversary Ales Are Inspired By The Galactic Universe

 - Jul 29, 2016
References: facebook & foodiggity
In celebration of the 50th Star Trek anniversary, the Shmaltz Brewing Company has put together a series of ales to commemorate the occasion. The beers take inspiration from the sci-fi series with product names, packaging and flavor combinations that reflect the enterprise.

The beer collection will include two customary ales called 'The Trouble With Tribbles' and 'The Voyage to the Northeast Quadrant.' Both drinks will include a diverse flavor profile and packaging that reflects the original Star Trek branding.

'The Trouble with Tribbles' is a light malt beer that is semi-filtered to visually capture the balance between good and evil. The name references one of the first Star Trek episodes. In contrast, 'The Voyage to the Northeast Quadrant' is much more fruity with notes of white wine infused into the crisp malt taste.