The Stakanoo by Stuart Woodward Allows for Maximum Portability

 - Jul 17, 2013
References: damngeeky
Taking a small water vessel with you to the cottage or on a camping trip means strapping it to the roof of the vehicle, which in turn can decrease the aerodynamics of your car and lead to other potential problems. The Stakanoo by Stuart Woodward looks to eliminate these features by offering the functionality of being able to break down the vessel into several manageable pieces that can stack into one another.

The Stakanoo by Stuart Woodward is dramatically lighter than traditional boats and can be easily transported in a trunk or backseat as opposed to the roof. The hybrid style of the Stakanoo by Stuart Woodward allows it to operate as a vessel that isn’t quite a canoe and not quite a kayak, but still ready for leisure cruising or a portage.