The Stairs LED Watch Tells Time Using Colorful Triangles

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: tokyoflash & tuvie
The Stairs LED watch is the latest submission to the Tokyoflash Design Blog. This watch was created by a designer named Patrick and is inspired by stairs. The watch doesn't have a conventional face, owing to its unique inspiration. Instead the watch uses small LED triangles, stairs, to tell time.

At first glance it can seem difficult to tell time using the Stairs LED watch. However, things become easier once you realize that all you're looking for are the lit LEDs. These lights form the shapes of digital numbers, with the hours being on top and the minutes on bottom. The colors alternate from red to blue, an effect that's actually kind of awesome. The watch is sleek and thin, sharing more in common with a bracelet than a wristwatch. The Tokyoflash Design Blog has turned submissions into actual watches before, so don't be shocked if the Stairs LED watch shows up in its store.