This Chart Details the Typical St. Patrick's Day Parties

 - Feb 19, 2013
References: cracked & visualoop.tumblr
St. Patrick's Day parties typically entail the same elements every year, but how close do these parties come to reflecting the true essence of the Irish holiday?

The fact is, most people don't know much about St. Patrick or his day's origins, so they just go along with popular culture traditions and worry about the hangover the next day. This infographic compares the real St. Patrick with the typical St. Patrick's Day partier.

For instance, St. Patrick was born in the 4th century, while the average partier starts drinking around 4pm. St. Patrick was kidnapped at 16 years old, while the average partier wakes up after 16 beers not knowing where he is. The entire infographic is full of amusing comparisons like this.