David Ma Converted Liquid Sriracha Chili Sauce into Solid Caviar-Like Balls

 - Sep 2, 2015
References: blog.nomiku & psfk
By turning a beloved liquid spice into a spherical solid food, Sriracha chili sauce has just become even better. 'Sphereracha' was imagined and created by David Ma, who saw a fancier potential in the beloved condiment.

In order to transform the hot sauce's state of matter, all that is needed is sodium alginate -- an extract from brown seaweed. Ma states that anyone with $120 and access to Amazon could make the spicy pseudo-caviar. By simply dropping Sriracha into the chemical concoction, solid balls are formed. Adding a little bit of honey to the sauce, this new creation gives a sweet and spicy taste to any dish while simultaneously adding texture.

Ma plans on creating more flavors of 'Sphereracha' and teaming up with Sriracha chili sauce manufacturers for mass production. Chefs and everyday cooks will love using the new texture to create more visually interesting plates while keeping the classic heat and taste of the sauce.