Springleap.com Designers Create Hip Symbolic Illuminati Designs

 - Mar 13, 2011
References: springleap & springleap
Illuminati symbolism can be found all over these days, from celebrity pop culture to striking t-shirt art; the sinister Illuminati buzz captures consumers whether they know it or not.

Representing the shadowy "power behind the throne," the Illuminati buzz takes the art world by storm. From one eye pyramid symbolism to Skull & Bones fine art, Springleap.com designers delve into the mystical art of the eminent Illuminati bringing some of the coolest t-shirt designs ever. It’s apparent on Springleap.com designer Suburbanhijinx T-shirt designs like Please Stand by for Total Planetary Destruction, which has a Jay-Z 'Roc' Illuminati hand gesture and a TV head apocalypse broadcast.

Suburbanhijinx also designed Illuminati Propaganda and Staying Alive. Other Springleap.com Illuminati designs include a self-titled creation by Fragment and Humanity Will be Next by Diamind, confirming that t-shirts can be art spaces for groundbreaking trends and an artistically symbolic expression for consumers.