The Sports Walker Helps Those With Multiple Sclerosis Stay Active

 - Jun 8, 2012
References: realmsvoices & gizmag
The Sports Walker is a spindly contraption that allows those who have been afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis to regain the mobility lost to the disease and play low-impact sports again.

Brian Light designed the harness as an aid for him to return to playing volleyball, an activity that is extremely difficult to engage in due to the loss of balance and decreased leg mobility caused by MS.

The six-legged, eight-wheeled device attaches to the wearer with a harness that loops around the waist and allows the person wearing it to control the direction of the apparatus.

While it is definitely not the most inconspicuous device to strap onto one's body, the ability to engage in activities that may not have been possible to compete in otherwise certainly makes the spider harness something worth looking into.