Spoon Table by Vasiliy Butenko Makes it Hard for Items to Escape

 - Jul 13, 2011
References: behance.net
Conventional tables involve an elevated flat surface, arranged horizontally for the ease of placing items on top of it. The Spoon Table by Vasiliy Butenko, on the other hand, abandons this standard altogether.

Although it does incorporate a raised platform, that ledge has been molded to take the sagging shape of soup-eating utensil. It may not be ideal for the placement of cups of tea or really any beverage, but the concave form is ideal for collecting smaller objects that may otherwise be at risk of rolling off of a regular coffee table.

Books, pencils, keys and more can all be easily kept within this unusual piece of furniture, and one might choose to employ the monolithic movable as an oversize bowl for the placement of snacks. Wherever the Spoon Table by Vasiliy Butenko falls short of familiar furnishings, it offers clever suggestions for tasks that are seldom addressed.