Roberto Vergati Santos Depicts Superheroes Sporting Famous Logos

 - Mar 12, 2013
References: & twistedsifter
Artist and Photoshop guru Roberto Vergati Santos series 'Sponsored Heroes' imagines a world of corporately sponsored superheroes. The series is equally funny and thought-provoking.

In recent years, superheroes have become huge businesses with ripple effects being felt in media and advertising of all shapes and sizes. Superheroes being the big business they are now, it's somehow not too strange to see these sponsored superheroes with logos plastered all their uniforms.

For example, Iron Man sports a glowing McDonald's logo where his arc reactor should be, Batman is decked out in Nike gear, Wolverine looks jacked in his Adidas t-shirt, the Incredible Hulk is a walking Monster energy drink ad and Captain America sells out the worst of all with multiple brands across multiple images.