Michael Jantzen Designs a Conceptual Art Structure for a Park

 - Jan 13, 2015
References: archinect
Parks are often home to beautiful monuments either dedicated to the city it resides in, to a cause or even to a single person; the Spiral Path Pavilion is a public structure that appears to be made for the general public that encourages serenity and reflection. A conceptual and artistic design, the Spiral Path Pavilion provides a stark contrast to its green surroundings.

By doing so, people are able to enjoy a sense of introversion without removing oneself completely from the outside world. The Spiral Path Pavilion was conceived by Michael Jantzen, a designer and artist based in Los Angeles, California. Once the spiraling path is walked, a person reaches a domed center that is complete with one long, curving seat to rest on before taking the path back down.