Gregory Barsamian's Sculptures Are Like a Zoetrope Come to Life

 - Mar 25, 2013
References: gregorybarsamian & laughingsquid
There's always something new and unique to do within the sphere of art, and it seems like Gregory Barsamian has found his niche with his spinning art sculptures.

Barsamian's work is rather stunning on its own when seen in static images. The cylindrical nature of the pieces is at once creepy and mesmerizing, with more than a touch of the bizarre. But his work truly comes alive when the pieces are spun at a high speed and hit with a strobe light. At this point, the spinning art takes on a epilepsy inducing animated quality that should seem familiar to anyone who played around with a Zoetrope as a kid.

Barsamian's spinning art is part of 'The Creator's Project,' a global network of artists that combine technology, culture and the arts.