Spineless Classics Makes Literary Works of Art

Spineless Classics is an online specialty retailer that makes unique art prints using the text from classic novels and works of nonfiction. Upon close inspection of these beautiful works of art, the viewer realizes he or she is also staring at every page of a legendary book presented on a single sheet and framed before him.

Imagine the bust of Black Beauty sculpted out in full text from the pages of the book, or seeing the yellow brick road wind towards a wordy Emerald City; Spineless Classics makes this all possible with its large-scale prints perfect for hanging in any study or office. And, the ‘A Christmas Carole’ designs make for an innovative, scholarly seasonal gift. So the next time you’re browsing the shelves of your favorite bookstore for that next literary masterpiece to purchase, remember that Spineless Classics may make it in version that is a true work of art.