The Spaced360 Speaker Projects Omni-Directional Sounds

 - May 6, 2014
References: spaced360 & uncrate
The Spaced360 Speaker lets you listen to tunes anywhere and within an ample range. If you're playing your favorite songs, you want them to be clear enough for you to rock out to. You won't want your field of range to interfere with the song's clarity. You should be able to hear the music no matter where you are standing around the speaker.

This uniquely constructed speaker lets sound travel freely in more than one direction thanks to its trilateral design. It features three custom two-inch sound drivers and three bass radiators, which faces three opposing directions.

The lightweight Bluetooth and NFC-powered speaker also boasts 14 hours of battery-life and comes equipped with a simple charging base station, so you can take the small, yet powerful speaker anywhere you desire.