The Sonimagfoto & Multimedia Photolovers Campaign is Bizarrely Amorous

 - May 16, 2013
References: ddb & ibelieveinadv
The Sonimagfoto & Multimedia Photolovers ad campaign revolves around a few surreal sweethearts. What makes them surreal is that they aren't fully human. While the women have cameras as heads, the men's heads are thumbs. This is meant to show just how much the two are made for each other. To have and to hold is given a whole new meaning. It reads, "The world's image meeting point."

Conceived and executed by the DDB ad agency branch based in Barcelona, Spain, the Sonimagfoto & Multimedia Photolovers ad campaign was art directed by Daniel Ubach with creative direction by Paco Cabrera and Sergi Perez. A hilarious concept that was expertly put together, it will capture people's attention immediately. The images were shot by talented photographer Alexis Mire.