The Sonic Aliena UC-1000 Gets all the Tough Stains out of Collars

Removing stubborn stains from the filthiest of collars is made easy with the Sonic Aliena UC-1000. This handheld device ensures a clean collar with every use.

The Sonic Aliena UC-1000 replaces working hard with working smart. The durable device vibrates as much as 50,000 times to remove the toughest stains. This innovative product works without the use of detergent, making it a money saver as well as a smart cleaning device. Though it is suggested that consumers use this product as a pre-wash device, it is very handy for on-the-spot treatment when time is of the essence.

Unlike the usual washer, the Sonic Aliena UC-1000 runs on nickel-metal hydride batteries and requires a two-hour charging period for a continuously one hour of functionality.