The Every Curve Installation Shows Undergarments with Song Line Embroidery

 - Apr 27, 2016
References: zoebuckman & thecreatorsproject.vice
Zoe Buckman is the designer behind the installation Every Curve that features delicate pieces of lingerie embroidered with song lines from famed rapper ballads. The pieces are feminine and silken with the contrasting harshness of the lyrics creating an interesting juxtaposition between masculine and feminine energies. The installation is featured at the Papillion Art in Los Angeles.

The installation focuses on vintage undergarments such as slips, garters, girdles and stockings and repurposes the designs to have beautiful embroidered designs of lyrics from rap songs. The pieces are thrifted and then Buckman adds the embroidered designs herself. The undergarments contrast the softness of the intimate pieces with the intensity and often male-dominated rapper songs to draw the viewers attention to deconstructing femininity as well as the body.