Kleenex's 'Someone Needs One' Campaign Aims to Relieve Kids' Fears

 - Jul 26, 2016
References: adage & adweek
As part of its 'Someone Needs One' campaign, Kleenex released a touching back-to-school video. Kleenex focused on the nerve-racking transition from elementary to middle school. The brand did a study with middle school kids and discovered that "91 percent of students worry about getting to class on time, not knowing where they're going and getting bad grades; 69 percent worry about not fitting in; and 67 percent worry about being judged by others."

Kleenex partnered with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to host an emotive workshop where the kids talked about such fears. Each participant made Kleenex "care packets," which are small Kleenex packs that can be written on for each other. After the workshop, more than half the kids felt less alone and less worried. The Someone Needs One campaign is aimed to open a conversation among students and lets kids know that it's normal to feel nervous or worried about a new school and that they're likely not alone.