This Jerrycan is a Safe Form of Packaging for Solvent-Based Products

 - Mar 4, 2016
References: rpc-group & packagingeurope
RPC Promens Industrial Rushden recently launched a new jerrycan that provides a safe form of packaging for solvent-based products. One of the current problems with packaging solvent-based products in tin is the risk of damage to the container from dents or corrosion. This heavy-duty jerrycan provides a superior form of packaging for the safe and easy handling of chemicals.

The new jerrycan from RPC Promens Industrial Rushden is a blow-molded HDPE container intended for holding solvent-based products. The inside of the container features a nylon barrier that prevents the breakdown of solvents while also protecting against damage caused by abrasions. The container is also stress-resistant and crack-resistant, which protects against the possibility of leaks. Additionally, the handle is divorced from the container, which ensures the complete evacuation of the contents inside.

With its functional, reliable and use-friendly design, the new jerrycan from RPC Promens Industrial Rushden provides a safe alternative to tin packaging.