'KUBOS' is a Cube Made of Aerospace-Grade Solid Tungsten

 - Jan 13, 2016
References: indiegogo
Calling all geeks and metallurgy enthusiasts -- be amazed by this super dense solid tungsten cube. Being geometrically perfect, this 99.9% pure tungsten cube packs a punch when it is your hands. According to the periodic table, it is the densest element you could ever hold in the palm of your hands, even denser that solid uranium.

This cube comes in three sizes and will complement any work desk or office. A single one-inch cube will be an equivalent weight of two times the iPhone 6s. It is a simple cube that will instantly pull nearby colleagues to talk about your intriguing cube. Be it a desk candy or a educational piece, the weight of this cube will always be a surprise to anyone who picks it up. This conversation starter is now on Indiegogo and it is starting to attract the attention of people everywhere.