The Solar Windmill Light is Charged All Hours by the Elements

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: designboom & ecofriend
Independently wind turbines and solar panels have their shortfalls, but together they could be capable of incredible things. The Solar Windmill Light is an experiment into using the two technologies together in a remarkably innovative and logical way.

The streetlight's inventor, Dae Yong Kim, decided to construct a pinwheel of solar panels, each cut like long slender fins that could capably catch the breeze. During the daytime hours these sun-soaking strips would face up towards the sky while at night an internal mechanism would automatically angle them at 45 degrees to be optimally affected by gusts. A tiny cone-shaped compartment below the vanes converts the renewable energy sources into electricity, keeping the Solar Windmill Light efficiently charged up during all dark hours.

Photo Credits: ecofriend, designboom