The Solar Ship Requires No Roads, Fuel or Infrastructure to Operate

 - Oct 26, 2011
References: & ideas.solarship
The Solar Ship might be the technological panacea that international institutions -- philanthropic, corporate and governmental alike -- have all waited for. In short, it's a buoyant dirigible whose design accounts for a complete lack of infrastructure, allowing it to deliver personnel and provisions to remote, poorly developed regions of the world!

Although custom-built planes are offered, the Solar Ship comes in three variations, each with different specifications, payload capacities and features. Regardless of the model in question, however, the plane is capable of carrying approximately the same weight as an 18-wheeler truck, yet has the maneuverability of a plane and boasts unparalleled energy efficiency. It may have seemed impossible, commonly the punchline of jokes, but the plane is actually covered in solar cells and houses lightweight batteries for energy storage. Should you fancy a trip to the inner jungles of Uganda, forget taking a 10-hour bus ride, just rent a Solar Ship!