The Solar Roofpod Has the Ability to Power NYC

 - Sep 19, 2011
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This eco-friendly structure, entitled the Solar Roofpod, was created by a group of a hundred students from City College New York and submitted to the prestigious Solar Decathlon in Washington DC. Within these stylish clean lines there is a flurry of energy. The structure is not only able to produce enough energy via the sun and wind to sustain itself, but also can generate enough power to provide electricity to the building is perched on.

Rooftops are the only space left in the densely packed streets of NYC and are most underused urban spaces. With space at a premium in urban areas, the students of CUNY felt it was time to tap into this sky-high resource. There is over 1.6 billion feet of roof space available in NYC alone, which if populated with structures like the Solar Roofpod, the city would generate enough sustainable energy to power the city's entire gird twice over. The Solar Roofpod may offer a feasible solution to the economic and ecological woes the Big Apple is faced with.