This New Service Allows Users to Share Solar Power with One Another

 - Jul 16, 2015
References: yeloha & fastcoexist
'Yeloha' is a solar power sharing platform that lets you purchase renewable energy from your neighbors. While the price of solar power has fallen in recent years, it is still largely inaccessible for a number of people. Yeloha helps make renewable energy a more viable option by developing a solar power sharing economy.

Yeloha is an online platform that will match users with those who have solar energy capabilities. For example, if your neighbor has solar panels on their roof, you can purchase some of their energy output. As CEO Amit Rosner explains, "we're creating a separate network on top of the old utility infrastructure that allows us to share the value of the electricity." The idea is similar to 'Airbnb,' except individuals are buying and selling energy instead of rental properties.

While there are other examples of peer-to-peer energy trading platforms, Yeloha has created unique incentives for users to join the service, such as free solar panels.