This Energy-Efficient Solar Carport is Designed for BMW Electric Vehicles

 - May 8, 2014
References: press.bmwgroup & gizmag
BMW-owned design consultancy firm DesignworksUSA designed this ingenious solar carport to house and juice up BMW's i3 and i8 electric vehicles.

The solar carport has an insect-shaped frame featuring heavy use of bamboo and complete with rooftop glass-on-glass solar modules.

The system is designed to be compatible with BMW's i Wallbox Pro car charging station. BMW i3 and i8 owners can charge their vehicles directly using energy provided by the solar panels. The system can provide detailed reports on the amount of solar energy collected by the system and how much of it is used to charge the vehicle. Excess energy produced by the carport can be redirected into the owner's home for domestic use.

Aside from being highly functional and energy-efficient, the solar carport is also designed to look aesthetically interesting and visually complement the i3 and i8 vehicles.