These Boston Benches by Soofa Charge Your Tech Devices Using the Sun's Energy

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: bostonglobe & gizmodo
A company called Soofa is revolutionizing the way consumers charge their tech devices while on-the-go with these nifty solar benches that can be hooked up to any mobile gadget. These park benches, located throughout the Boston area, are designed to help you naturally juice up your tech products using the sun's energy.

Soofa designed these stylish park benches so that if you happen to be running low on battery you can juice up your smartphone, MP3 player or laptop without using electricity. The benches come with a sleek slab of wood attached to two metallic legs. In the center of the bench is a solar panel hooked up to a series of USB ports so you can plug in your device and enjoy a few moments of peace while you wait for it to charge.