Solar Battery by Nikolay Bastrakov is Portable for Optimal Energy Harnessing

It may make sense that your smartphone needs to be juiced up daily considering the impressive multimedia functions it performs. However, with so much electricity necessary to keep you connected, an eco alternative to powering up, like the Solar Battery by Nikolay Bastrakov, should be looking pretty appealing.

Harnessing energy from sustainable sources is one way to decrease your ecological footprint. This flexible silicone mat is equipped with a broad surface covered in solar panels which can obtain enough energy to feed your ever-hungry iPhone. It integrates a convenient USB input which can be connected directly to your handset, tablet or laptop as an on-the-go charger, both on and off the grid.

The Solar Battery by Nikolay Bastrakov has been designed with a ductile structure, allowing it to be curled and rolled up for easy portability. It can be shoved inside a backpack or strapped to the outside, so to efficiently soak up the sun's rays.