The Dri-Fresh Soft-Hold Soft Fruit Packaging is Berry Effective

 - Sep 4, 2014
References: sirane & sirane
British packaging manufacturing company Sirane has come up with a revolutionary new soft fruit packaging solution for strawberries, cherries, blueberries and other soft fruit that can bruise easily.

The Sirane Dri-fresh Soft-hold fruit cushioning pads are essentially absorbent bubble pads that bring together the protective and cushioning properties of bubble films with effective absorbent qualities, high permeability and an elegant appearance.

The surface of the packaging has a special tear-drop-shaped pattern which raises fruit from the surface to promote air flow and reduce sweating, damage and fungal growth. The pattern also minimizes contact between berries and surface and to prevent berries from moving around.

The soft-hold soft fruit packaging was developed in response to feedback from customers, who said they wanted soft fruit to have improved cushioning to protect fruit from bruising and to extend their shelf-life.