This Footwear Fits Like a Glove

Fernwood Woolworks will knock your socks off when you see what they do with the things.

These aren’t your granny’s socks. Custom-knit from yarn you already have, they need not be boring. They don’t even have to match. Place your order with this Brookings, Oregon company and six weeks later, the socks will arrive at your door. Better yet, join the Sock of the Month Club and get a pair a month for four months.

You’ll find a list of good yarn and bad yarn for use with the company’s technological wonder, a 1903 LeGare circular sock knitting machine. Check out the video above for an example of how such machines work. You can order the sock weight yarn as part of the deal in case you don’t have a stash of the stuff on hand.

And socks aren’t the only choice at Fernwood Woolworks. Legwarmers and fingerless gloves are available too. Whoo hoo!