Clorox' Sock-It App Acts Like a Virtual Sock on the Door

 - Feb 24, 2014
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The Sock-It app is designed to digitize the act of putting a sock on the doorknob to indicate that the people inside the room are busy at the moment.

The app's approach is a little more inconspicuous than actually having to hang some sort of sign on a doorknob, but it does require your roommates to have it on their phones to work. However, the app is not totally discreet, since it will automatically notify any nearby users who have downloaded the app with the use of iBeacon technology, roommate or not.

Oddly enough, the app comes from Clorox and it was added to the Apple iTunes store on February 14th, encouraging love-makers to leave their socks in the laundry hamper instead of on doorknobs on Valentine's Day.