The 'Social Media in Real Life' Cartoon Parodies Facebook

Cartoonist Sarah Anderson has just released an absolutely hilarious and topical cartoon titled 'Social Media in Real Life.' This satirical comic strip draws attention to the bizarre nature of social media, Facebook in particular. It begins with a mousy illustrated girl shouting into a megaphone: "ATTENTION FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS! I JUST ATE A BURGER... AND IT WAS GOOD!" While she shouts this, she stands in front of a crowded theater. Hazy people from the crowd shout out: "I like it!" and "Me too!"

This comic strip exposes how ridiculous it is that social media users feel the need to post everything from what they've ate to the movie they're about to see. It's also ridiculous that people "Like" these actions, before almost immediately forgetting about them. With this comic strip, Sarah Anderson beautifully parodies social media culture. Hopefully more of her comic strips will soon be released, maybe tackling Twitter?