Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Trend Hunter Recording ‘The Beauty Inside'

 - Sep 20, 2012
References: facebook & youtube
Social media films offer a new approach to interactive marketing and filmmaking, so when Trend Hunter was asked by Intel and Toshiba to participate in their project ‘The Beauty Inside’ we couldn’t wait to get started. The series follows Alex, a person who wakes up every day as someone new. Although this sounds like fun for a short period of time, the trials and tribulations of this inconsistency are extremely overwhelming. To get a sense of the issues this "condition" causes, Intel and Toshiba asked the public to submit webcam videos as Alex, talking about various life problems.

The Trend Hunter team became fully involved in the campaign, as everyone in the office put on their best acting face and pretended to be Alex for two minutes. While each person had a different take on first loves and roadblocks in life, the reaction to the experience was unanimous: everyone had an amazing time. This behind-the-scenes look shows various outtakes from filming, and hilarious footage of how each Trend Hunter reacted to waking up as someone new.

Social media films give audience members a chance to participate in the action, so why not take the plunge and get involved?