Social Media Citation Teaches Proper Social Networking

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: modcloth & perpetualkid
Everyone has a friend on Facebook who is in dire need of a Social Media Citation. This is the friend who incessantly updates their status with way-too-personal information, tags you in embarrassing pictures, continually sends you Farmville invites and likes their own statuses and pictures.

The Social Media Citation notepad will solve this problem by providing a checklist of Facebook violations like 'endless relationship status changes' and 'friending nonfriends.' Just fill out this handy sheet of paper with the violators' names, check off their offenses and hand it to them as a (not so) friendly reminder of what not to do while on the world wide Web.

Not only will you benefit from the Social Media Citation notepad due to the sudden purge of unnecessary information from your newsfeed, but everyone else on Facebook will thank you too.