Blonde 2.0's Funny Graphic Imagines Social Media Animals

 - Mar 25, 2014
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This humorous graphic from Blonde 2.0 is on social media animals, as in the animal kingdom equivalents of various social networking sites.

The guide is more cute than informational, but it's still a pretty witty way to make metaphors from social media. The fun graphic provides just about the perfect animal pairings for each network too, with a short explanation on the choice.

LinkedIn is depicted as a penguin, because these fancy birds always appear to be suited up and Facebook is likened to a wildebeest, since "everyone sticks with the herd and if you don't post, you're as good as dead." Of course one of the most spot-on comparisons made between social media and animals, as Blonde 2.0 likens Myspace to the dodo, both of which have long been extinct.