The Sochi Olympic Village Rooms Offer the Bare Minimal

 - Feb 9, 2014
References: sportsgrid
Russia has spent an estimated $51 billion to prepare for the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi. As the world's top athletes pour into the city bordering the Black Sea, many are in for a grave surprise as their accommodations are far less extravagant than they may be used to.

Multiple single beds crammed into one room give off a university dorm room vibe, offering as much back support to Olympic athletes as Vladimir Putin has offered the LGBT community. Not being able to properly flush toilets, use the tap water, open the curtains, or even sit in a chair that looks as sturdy as the first little piggy's straw hut seeks to dampen the mood for players looking to unwind after long days.

With terrorist threats, bombings and instability threatening the safety of Olympic athletes, room accommodations seem like an unimportant matter. However, with an estimated $51 billion spent already in preparation for the games, it begs the question as to where that money went?