Amazon Web Services 'Snowmobiles' Can Carry 100 Petabytes of Data

 - Dec 2, 2016
References: digitaltrends
Amazon Web Services hosts thousands and thousands of businesses' websites, which means that it also hosts extremely large amounts of data, and the company's 'Snowmobiles' are a way to manage all that information. The Snowmobiles are physical storage containers, similar in size to the containers carried by 18-wheeler trucks, which are designed to safely and securely house up to 100 petabytes of data in a single haul.

While it isn't surprising that a 45-foot long, 10-foot high, and 8-foot wide container would have space for 100 petabytes of data, what is impressive are the safety and security measures in place to protect it. The containers are climate-controlled and waterproof, and Amazon assures that the Snowmobiles' design is entirely tamper-resistant.

The data storage solution is ideal for large businesses that have troves of online users and company information.